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A Toxics-Free Future


Serbian Response to Global Mercury Treaty

This project report by Serbian NGO ALHem provides data and research into critical mercury pollution issues in Serbia as well as key policy and legislative framework gaps that must be addressed to move towards ratification of the Mercury Treaty. The report includes revelations about mercury contamination resulting from the NATO bombing of a mercury cell chlor-alkali plant in 1999 and the urgent need for remediation of the hotspot and environmental monitoring. ALHem have researched and presented key data on trends in mercury pollution or air and water in Serbia within this report and to a range of prominent stakeholders. This report provides details of their intensive stakeholder engagement activities with government institutions, professional bodies, industry representatives and CSOs with interests in mercury pollution. This activity has progressed changes in the dental industry and introduced the Serbian chlor-alkali industry to their obligations under the Mercury Treaty, which they had been unaware of. Importantly, ALHem was also able to identify a range of banned mercury-added products that remain on market shelves despite national restrictions and have liaised with regulators to address the problem. This comprehensively researched report provides numerous links and references for reading to explore mercury pollution issues in Serbia to an even greater extent.