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Social and Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology Development in Africa

Social and Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology Development in Africa / Implications Sociales et Environnementales du Developpement des Nanotechnologies en Afrique

September, 2012

SAICM is a voluntary agreement of the international community envisaged to serve as a global framework in which to discuss methods of cooperation and specific actions that can be taken in relation to achieving safe, responsible, and sustainable management of chemicals. Since the emergence of nanotechnology, engineered nanomaterials have been added as an emerging policy issue. Accordingly, there have been regional reunions and general meetings that have elaborated recommendations and amendments to resolutions that should be adopted by consensus during the Third International Conference on Chemical Management (ICCM3) that will be held in September, 2012, in Nairobi, Kenya.

In this context, this informational brochure has been developed to: (i) provide an overview of nanotechnology development in Africa; (ii) introduce the social, environmental and health implications of nanotechnology for workers and consumers in Africa; and (iii) stimulate and strengthen stakeholders participation in the global and national discussions on the actions to be implemented by governments, industry, and civil society to lay out a precautionary environment for the safe development of this technology.

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